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Cracks & Fissures

It is important to repair cracks in pavement to minimize water penetration which softens the ground and will freeze and thaw, causing more cracking or become potholes.

There are two main types of cracking that occur in asphalt.

Small to large areas of cracked pavement that resemble the back of an alligator.  The sizes range from 2" to 2' chunks. 

This kind of cracking is best repaired by removing the alligatored pavement and replacing it with new asphalt.  sometimes it is recommended to over-excavate the area and add rock or extra asphalt if the ground below is soft.  Alligatored pavement can also be overlaid - ONLY - if Petromat is placed first to deter future cracking.


Hairline cracking is comprised of cracks that usually go in one direction and do not connect on all sides like the alligatored pavement.

This kind of ccracking can often be filled with hot liquid asphalt or rubberized crack filler for cracks up to 1/2" wide and is cheaper to repair.