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Potholes and Sinkholes


Potholes are usually the result of the ground beneath the asphalt being unstable which allows the asphalt to flex up and down 100's to 1,000's of times when driven over by traffic.

Asphalt is made to flex somewhat, but when the back and forth motion of the weight of the car driving over it and then driving off of it, the pavement can flex beyond what the pavement is capable.

At first the asphalt will usually alligator (see asphalt cracking page). Eventually the broken pieces of asphalt start to lift above the other pavement and the tires kick the pavement out and the scattered loose pieces create a pothole.

Potholes can damage your car and are a nuisance to drive through. Most of the time we can just fill in the potholes if the surrounding edges are stable. Otherwise, we may need to cut the edges to deter cracking around the repaired pothole. Sometimes it is also recommended to over-excavate the area beneath the pothole  and fill it with rock or extra asphalt to reduce flexing that may re-create a pothole in the same area.
Sinkholes Sinkholes or depressions in the pavement can be caused by many things, but not limited to the following major causes:

  1. Soft grade / ground movement.  (Usually a 1' to 4' round hole)  This can be overlaid or removed and replaced.

  2. Improperly compacted subgrade or utility lines.  If this is the cause, we usually remove the sunken pavement and repave it.  No other action is required unless the subgrade is soft.

  3. Tree stump deterioration.  Often times a stump or roots can deteriorate over a period of many years.  If rotten stumps are the cause then we need to over-excavate and haul away the stump / dirt, fill with rock and repave it.  Though more costly, it is the only proper and "safe" solution.

Asphalt by George can fix your potholes and sinkholes right!